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Armando Chant

This presentation explores the ‘practice’ of fashion and how by exploring the ‘process’ undertaken by the fashion designer, our experience of fashion and its outcomes can reach beyond traditional models and be expansive in nature. Large-scale fashion industry is primarily concerned with placing the ‘value’ within fashion firmly on the ‘product’s’ shoulders. However as can be seen in recent times the speed of change, reliance on the ‘new’, and emphasis on product, has placed huge pressure on both industry and designer.

The talk explores the potential, power and role that the small-scale fashion practitioner has within future fashion practice, and how by engaging with other artistic and creative disciplines in an inter-disciplinary manner the ‘value’ of fashion could be re-placed within concept, practice and process. The talk will explore how looking forward we can create, articulate and consume fashion in a way that is expansive and experimental in nature, crossing cultural social and creative boundaries.

This viewpoint will be articulated through Chant’s own and other small-scale inter-disciplinary fashion practices, which seek to provoke intimate, personal, and individual fashion experiences in response to pattern, image, garment and fashion objects. This inter-disciplinary approach engages with diverse forms of representation, including photography, film, art and installation thus expanding fashion ‘process’ and the way that we practice fashion.

As a fashion/textile practitioner, Armando’s creative practice focuses on pattern, surface, layering, mark-making and gesture, using mixed analogue and digital techniques to generate abstract and interpretive images, and their subsequent emotional resonance. The practice is trans- and inter-disciplinary and expansive in context, taking the form of drawing, photography, film and installation, all sited in the context of fashion. He has participated in exhibitions in London, Melbourne and Sydney that reflect his approach and challenge the perceptions of a ‘fashion’ practice. Professionally he has worked internationally across diverse creative disciplines and industries, including fashion and textile design, art direction and curatorial practice. As an academic, Armando is currently a lecturer in the Fashion & Textiles Design program at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and undertaking a practice-led PhD at RMIT University in Melbourne.