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Alexander Lamb

MMU Graduate
Brooklyn, New York

Is there a disconnection between high end fashion and retail? High-end fashion has moved on with the dress codes of today but retailers are struggling to adapt with the consumer. Focusing on the boundaries within menswear and womenswear, how do we stay original and try to change the perceptions of the wearer: does retail need to adapt to designers or does fashion need to adapt to the market?

Alexander Lamb graduated from MMU in 2008 where he studied Fashion Design and Technology. In 2012, he graduated from the prestigious Royal College of Art with a Masters in Menswear. After being head-hunted upon graduating in London, he then went on to become a sought-after designer, and more recently, Senior Designer at Ralph Lauren, a global leader for over 47 years in premium lifestyle and fashion. In his current role, he is a core member overseeing the design team responsible for creating the vision and future look of Ralph Lauren Outerwear.

Prior to Ralph Lauren and while studying at the Royal College of Art, he created his critically acclaimed debut collection, self-titled ‘Alexander Lamb’, that was lauded as an exceptional and outstanding achievement by international journalists and professors. The industry also took notice; his collections were positively featured in global fashion outlets including Vogue, GQ, Wallpaper and Dazed & Confused (featured as one of the top emerging talents in 2012).

In 2013, British online retailer ASOS, awarded him for ‘Most Outstanding and Creative Collection’, Italian brand Brioni presented him with one of their top awards of the year, the Brioni Tailoring Award. From 2009 – 2012, Alexander also collaborated with the highly regarded industry figure Philip Start to help launch the brand, Mr. Start. While working with Mr. Start he helped launch the company’s wholesale business along with being an integral part of introducing the brand at London and Paris Fashion Week.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. He hopes to some day further build the Alexander Lamb fashion label globally.