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Since the accelerated de-industrialization of the West European and North American garment industries in the 1980s, the story of fashion retailing has been the story of the international supply chain. The globalisation of the world economy has offered opportunities for developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central America and the Caribbean Basin, to exploit their competitive advantage in labour to supply retailing outlets in the advanced industrial countries with low-cost fashion.

The problems confronting retailing in the advanced industrial countries shifted from managing the production process to sourcing, distribution, inventory replenishment scheduling and reducing lead-times.

Current shifts in the world economy, the expansion of the European Community, the economic slow-down in the United States, the increase in oil and transportation costs, the growth of China and India as consumer societies and their increasing competence in manufacturing, are having profound impacts on the international logistics of fashion as companies compete to reduce costs and exploit emerging market opportunities.

HIFLG is actively researching the new and changing logistics of international fashion.

Current research interests include:

  • Ethical issues in fashion supply chain management
  • International fashion sourcing strategies
  • The impact of European expansion on supply chain networks
  • Fast fashion logistics
  • International supply chain modelling and simulation
  • Merchandising and inventory replenishment planning and scheduling
  • Merchandising and demand forecasting

HIFLG is actively seeking industrial, commercial, and government research partners for projects in international fashion supply chain modelling and analysis. Such projects may range from providing short courses and consultancy for industry, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and large Government/European funded collaborations.

Please contact Jon Spragg to discuss possibilities.