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The Hollings Faculty of Manchester Metropolitan University teamed up with ASOS and Designer Forum, to bring you Size Nottingham in 2013.

From 28th June – 2nd July, up to 400 people had the chance to get their bodies scanned; and received a full list of their body measurements and body shape classifications using the latest TC2 Body scanner. Each participant* also received a voucher for 20% off full-price ASOS product** in exchange for their involvement in the project.

* Participants were 18 and over
** Terms & Conditions applied

Using the latest TC2 body scanner technology, housed at the offices of the Designer Forum, (69-73 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 3BB) this project aimed to not just change, but to revolutionise future shopping experiences. The two-minute scan took over 100 measurements, and the data collected helped inform product development that is true to the dimensions of the modern person’s body.


What it involved:

  • On arrival a consent form was completed and the scan process explained
  • Individuals were scanned in their undergarments in a private changing cubicle, using the same technology as Microsoft Xbox Kinect devices.
  • Private and secure changing facilities were available.
  • The actual scanning process time is under 2 minutes in a private scanning booth. However, the overall measurement process allowed for each person is approximately 10 minutes.
  • 3D computer images are taken of the body, generating a silhouette of the shape and an extensive list of actual body measurements.
  • The scanned image and measurement data were provided after scanning.
  • Body scans remain anonymous and secured.


Who sees the body scan and will anyone be identified? :

  • All information collected is identified only by ID code (never by name) and is stored on secure servers, there will be no way of identifying anyone in any published materials.
  • Scan images will be used anonymously and there will be no way of identifying individuals in any scientific reports published.
  • All data is collected and stored in accordance with the Manchester Metropolitan University’s ethics procedures.