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Sporting Bodies Research

Outline of Research

The size and shape of elite athletes are recognised to be impacted by the sport in which they compete. This research sought to determine how different female sporting bodies differ to a control non-sporting population and how this affects their clothing choices.

The research involved being scanned using our TC2 NX16 light scanner to determine size, shape and proportion, then answering a short questionnaire relating to sport participation and experiences of clothing fit.

Participants were provided with a print out detailing their dimensions; and could have their body shape determined.

Further details can be found in the following article Manchester Evening News.


Female volunteers aged 18-30 who participate in sport for more than 8 hours per week and have been involved in sport for at least 3 years volunteered participated in the study.

Scanning Sessions

Scan sessions took place at the Hollings campus of MMU (

Project managed by Dr Simeon Gill and Jane Ledbury