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The uses of body models generated by 3D body scanning are unlimited. These include: custom fitting apparel, sizing standards development, 3D product development, animation and graphics, health and fitness management and computer gaming immersion.

At the Manchester Metropolitan University, our up-to-date body scanner is set in a multi-purpose ambient environment, and located at the International Fashion Business and Technology Centre, Department of Clothing Design and Technology at Hollings.

Our body scanner is a non-contact, 3D measurement system that is based on safe ‘white light’ technology and utilises light sources to produce a digital copy of surface geometry of the human body. It is not skin-deep intrusive. 3D images are taken of the body within seconds, generating a silhouette of the shape and an extensive list of actual body measurements. Over 100 measurements can be extracted within seconds for each individual scan. The scanned image and measurement data are usually provided after scanning.

Our system is one of the most efficient and latest in body scanning technology. It allows integration with other existing CAD applications and data save in various file formats. Exporting 3D data for pattern construction, garment draping simulation and 3D body tracking are also possible.